Peter T Harrison
singing teacher & author
One-to-one lessons

I am interested in doing advanced, quality work with talented young singers, as well as helping established singers in honing their skills.

Although nowadays I keep my lists short a number of sessions can sometimes be arranged in Porto, Madrid or Amsterdam.


a) I am keen to help teachers (in small groups) to use their ears to the best advantage as a diagnostic tool.

b) I will happily respond to suggestions for other, tailor-made workshops.

Previous 'LISTENING WORKSHOPS' have taken place in London, Amsterdam, Dartington, Madrid and Hermosillo (Mexico).


Comments from Singing Teachers

  • a most interesting approach to freeing the voice and the body

  • inspiring and liberating in its honesty

  • opened the mind to new methods and concepts

  • I have learnt how to listen with 'new ears' - to dissect what I'm hearing and analyze more easily

  • it made me focus on listening to the core sound

  • made me aware how close any interval is to the voice

  • made me aware of the voice 'leading' or initiating the efficient flow of breath ...

  • I realised the individuality of each voice ...

  • incredibly helpfull in many ways. A completely different way into singing

  • I'm taking away more open and educated ears

  • very much about getting the priorities right

  • enjoyable...extremely edifying and clarifying

  • easy to follow

  • many Ah-ha! moments

  • came away with a much deeper comprehension of the subject

  • I learnt to question what I hear, but also to trust in my first response - the real 'knowing'...improving the balance between knowing stuff...and hearing freshly

  • basic principles for diagnosis, analysis and experimentation

  • filled gaps in my knowledge

  • gave me confidence

  • we were forced to leave aside irrelevant aspects of what we pick up aurally

  • good-humoured, but focused and intensive

  • a deeper, more precise understanding of the vocal structure

  • group size was just right for sharing and interacting

  • you handled everybody with great sensitivity and care

  • confirmation that it is possible, as well as desirable, to deal with the voice and the person who it is as a whole entity

  • I enjoyed ... reading the sound

Vila do Conde

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Listening in Amsterdam

Listening in Amsterdam

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