Peter T Harrison
singing teacher & author
The Human Nature of the Singing Voice - Reviews

  • Harrison's book is a fascinating exploration into the human voice.

     Musical Opinion
  • ... a man who is clearly very knowledgeable about the subject matter.

  • ... the practical, commonsense value of a book suitable for vocalists of all stripes.

     Classic FM Magazine
  • ... a fascinating, intimate, holistic perspective of singers and the voice, and the art of teaching the same; a courageous step from the purely scientific or academic these writings are of the new generation inspired by a desire to keep with us the wonderful instrument that is the natural voice.

    *click here to read the full review by Nichola Christie for the British Voice Assocation

     Nichola Christie - Communicating Voice (British Voice Association)
  • This thought provoking book ... I will keep it close to hand as an open dialogue for when I may feel jaded or complacent.

     Editor - Communicating Voice (British Voice Association)
  • Required reading for the singing professional.

     Antonia Cauling in The Singer, December 2007
  • ... absolutely staggering and of interest to almost anybody ...

     George Hadjinikos

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